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Atmos Caloric Irrigators:

Laptop Computer VNG Software Ready Prices:
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Irrigator Hose Tips (ATMOS)
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Goggle Pads (10 pads per box)
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Tech Training Courses
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DATA Interpretation



Draft Narrative Reports
$25.00 per report

Expert Narrative Reports
$50.00 per report

MD Training Courses Prices:
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REHAB Equipment



Falltrak II Balance System

PT Training & CEU Courses:
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MedTrak VNG, Inc., in conjunction with The College of Staten Island-City University of New York, is now sponsoring CEU accredited coursework for physicians and physical therapists, as well as, proficiency training for technicians operating VNG equipment.

As a part of MedTrak VNG, Incorporated’s mission to provide a comprehensive fall prevention program to practitioners, MedTrak VNG is proud to announce a full schedule of educational coursework providing CEU credits to physicians and physical therapists completing these courses.


  • Our physician clients utilizing MedTrak VNG equipment require trained and proficient VNG technicians. VNG technician training is currently being supervised by MedTrak VNG’s installation and training staff. VNG technicians receive an online training course, a full operations manual, telephone support and personalized hands on training when the VNG equipment is delivered.

    Proficiency Courses Now Available: MedTrak VNG, Inc. in conjunction with The College of Staten Island-City University of New York is now offering in depth VNG technician training providing proficiency certificates upon completion of the courses.
  • All courses being sponsored by MedTrak VNG, Inc.
    Call for details: 347-742-4100

  • Discounts are available.
    Call for details: 347-742-4100

Our Main Business Products and Services Overview

VNG Hardware & Software

The MedTrak VNG, Inc. 2012 videonystagmography system:
FDA 510k approved.

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Data Interpretation

Interpra, Inc.: VNG Interpretation software created specifically for the MedTrak VNG system.

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Training and Support

A web based, online video training library specifically designed to assist the VNG technician and the medical practitioner.

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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Online video training library, live telephone support and a 65 page vestibular and neurological treatment manual.

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Rehabilitation Hardware and Software

The Falltrak II Balance system couples Balance Software with the most popular balance board in the gaming industry.

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Professional Solutions

MedTrak VNG and its strategic alliances have created a comprehensive continuum of excellence.

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Caloric Irrigators

MedTrak VNG, Inc. is the United States National Distributor for Atmos, Inc. Caloric products:

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VNG and Irrigator Disposables

GOGGLE PADS for the MedTrak VNG Goggle.
HOSE TIPS for the Atmos Varioair Irrigator

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