This business plan will investigate the institution of a comprehensive continuum of care in fall prevention and management that begins by diagnosing a patient’s deficits of the peripheral and central nervous systems, which directly correlates with their risk of falling, utilizing the diagnostic medical device known as Videonystagmography (VNG) now manufactured and distributed by MedTrak VNG, Inc.

Once in the hands of a properly trained physician and their highly trained technical staff the patient can be tested leading to a differential diagnosis being made. The physician then develops a specific and targeted treatment program and a referral for this treatment can be made.

There are currently companies that can assist physician end users of VNG equipment with creating “state of the art” treatment programs and carefully designed treatment protocols which target the specific patient deficits allowing the treating clinicians (usually physical therapists) to meet the challenges of today’s third party payor restrictions and controls while providing the highest level of patient care possible. MedTrak VNG, Inc. has aligned itself with and continues to align itself with companies that have been leaders in this industry for the past decade.

In addition to properly diagnosing and providing the appropriate treatment programs and protocols there is also a need to provide ongoing screening programs, comprehensive patient education, ergonomic analysis of the living area, evaluation of drug interactions and carefully designed patient follow-up geared toward patient compliance.

Creating clinical excellence across the spectrum creates a win-win scenario; however, in the past a large majority of patients were excluded from care due to high equipment costs and a lack of expert training.

MedTrak VNG, Inc. will now be implementing sales and rental programs which allow physicians access to affordable diagnostic equipment.

Additionally, MedTrak VNG, Inc. has created and is continuing to create strategic alliances with companies able to provide low cost screening and rehabilitation/treatment equipment; companies that can provide required reports and information as well as other companies which provide expert training to clinicians, technicians and rehabilitation specialists.

With the institution of this program we expect to see a dramatic reduction in the number of falls annually.

In attempting to create a continuum of excellence in the area of fall management we have discovered that there was a misnomer in the field. It is no longer the specialist such as the ENT or neurologist BUT IN FACT the “front line” clinician’s primary role of uncovering the population of patients at risk for falls in most marketplaces.

For this system to work, there must be cross educational programs that will create a functional understanding of the causative factors of falls, how to screen for fall potential, diagnostic and evaluative procedures, and finally intervention programs. To rely on an historic reactive model for fall management is no longer acceptable. We have the opportunity to permanently redefine excellence in the care of the senior population with regards to their most challenging dilemma: the prevention of falls. The remainder of this business plan will focus on the problem, and overview the business model in depth.

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Our Main Business Products and Services Overview

VNG Hardware & Software

The MedTrak VNG, Inc. 2012 videonystagmography system:
FDA 510k approved.

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Data Interpretation

Interpra, Inc.: VNG Interpretation software created specifically for the MedTrak VNG system.

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Training and Support

A web based, online video training library specifically designed to assist the VNG technician and the medical practitioner.

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Vestibular Rehabilitation

Online video training library, live telephone support and a 65 page vestibular and neurological treatment manual.

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Rehabilitation Hardware and Software

The Falltrak II Balance system couples Balance Software with the most popular balance board in the gaming industry.

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Professional Solutions

MedTrak VNG and its strategic alliances have created a comprehensive continuum of excellence.

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Caloric Irrigators

MedTrak VNG, Inc. is the United States National Distributor for Atmos, Inc. Caloric products:

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VNG and Irrigator Disposables

GOGGLE PADS for the MedTrak VNG Goggle.
HOSE TIPS for the Atmos Varioair Irrigator

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